Happy Second Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe this blog has traveled around the sun twice.

This Slow Life was launched on Labor Day two years ago.  And while the holiday meanders across the first week of September, I like keeping it, rather than the exact date, as my touchstone.

What began as an often preachy tome – “This is what you must do!”  “This is how you should live!!” – has evolved into a series of thoughts and reflections that are at once entertaining and informative, and, I hope, a little less pious.

I have learned much these last two years.  About the craft of writing.  About things slow.  About research.

All that pales, however, in contrast to the depth of gratitude felt toward you, gentle reader, who returns week after week, in spite of your better judgment, to learn a bit more about how you might bring a greater sense of balance and perspective to your busy life. 

Some things have changed.  What used to be a twice weekly column is now published once a week.  The reason is simply that the original schedule took too much bandwidth.

I ended up spending most of my time thinking about what to write, then digging up source material, and then trying to actually write something – often at the last minute.

Either nothing else was getting done, or the quality of the writing suffered.

Also, last fall, Pam and I made the momentous decision to sell our house.  This is the house I had previously written so lovingly about here, here, and here.

Getting it ready to sell and fretting about the many details sucked most of the oxygen out of the room, leaving me in a creative funk.  And for almost three months I went AWOL – from mid November through the end of January this year.

That’s when I decided to cut back to a once a week publication schedule.  Either you didn’t notice or you didn’t care, because I didn’t hear any complaints.

Regrettably, other things have fallen by the wayside, as well.

That free gift for new subscribers promised a year ago is still on the to-do list.  And so is the book that lurks within me and needs to get out.

Many positive things have happened in the past year, though, and they far outweigh the negatives.

As a result of these posts I have been picked up by our home town paper to write the occasional freelance article of local interest.  It was quite the thrill to see your name in print for the first time, even if it was a relatively short piece.

I have been asked to join the Blue Zones speakers bureau.  Their work dovetails almost perfectly with slow living.  I have yet to be certified, which should happen in the next month or two, but I am very excited by the prospect of getting before an audience and sharing their message.

And the slow movement is picking up steam, with many new bloggers and writers proclaiming the virtues of slow living.

It has always been my objective to be a leading voice of this movement.  So far that isn’t the case.  But the momentum is building.

I’m starting to get inquiries from other writers.  Some want to reprint articles, and others ask for interviews.

Ironic, isn’t it, that gaining traction through this blog is turning into a long, slow process.  But that is as it should be.

The free give-away for new subscribers – the working title is “The Beginners Guide to Slowing Down” – is a must and now a top priority.

And so is the book.  If for no other reason as a calling card.  I imagine it will be self-published.  But that, too, will be an exciting learning opportunity and challenge.

In the meantime I will continue to post articles containing news and thoughts from the slow lane every Monday morning.

I remain eternally grateful for your continued interest in this topic, and in my writing.  I welcome your thoughts and suggestions, which can be forwarded as a comment in response to a post, or by writing me directly via the Contact page.

Happy Second Anniversary!  Happy Labor (of love) Day!


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