Photo: Richard McColl

My name is Duncan Hurd, and I live with my wife, Pam, and our two Labs in Stuart, Florida.  Our son, Alex, is away at college, and he’s not too happy about it.  College, that is.

I grew up on St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands.  That experience – living on an island, surrounded by water, with a deep sense of community – formed who I am and how I respond to life’s trials and triumphs.  I’m sure that my warm embrace of “island time” set the stage for my subsequent return to slow living.

I am a learner by nature.  I love to read and to write.  I am drawn to studying and, as a result, I have too many letters after my name – BA, MBA, PhD.

For many, many (far too many) years I worked in retailing – as a store manager, district manager, operations manager, and Vice President. There was nothing slow about it. In fact, it was hell.

Having not had enough of long hours and holidays spent working, I turned to restaurants.  I’ve done just about everything you can do in a restaurant except be the chef and own the place.  On the upside, I learned many valuable lessons about service, hospitality, and respect for food and wine.

It was after meeting Pam that I was able to return to university for my PhD in leadership.  During this period my life  slowed down – a lot. Gone were the long commutes, the working weekends and holidays, and too much time away.  In their place were dinners at home. More time with Pam, Alex, and friends. And time to reflect on the toll my previously fast-paced, stressful life had taken.

So I began to research things like slow food, slow cities, slow travel, and the slow movement. What I found intrigued me. Slow living represented a more holistic and balanced approach to life, a chance to leave the rat race and rejoin the human race.

I became more mindful of the importance of our relationships and taking the time to nurture them. Of the importance of our home and our community, and how they sustain us. Of the importance of locally sourced food, prepared by our own hands, and how it brings us closer to our family and friends. Of the importance of taking the time to do things well, and enjoy them more.

The result is this blog. My objective is to help others who have had enough of their impersonal and chaotic lives, and want to transition into a slower paced and saner lifestyle.

I hope that through the telling of our story and the lessons Pam and I have learned from the slow movement, to show you what such a lifestyle looks like, feels like, and how to get there – with humor, grace, and encouragement.


This Slow Life no-hands clock by Jena Squires.